What is the Proposed Boundary?

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One of the first tasks in any new ESD effort is deciding on the proposed boundary. Of course it needs to make sense geographically and politically, and the response areas and capabilities of the existing VFD’s and other resources must be considered. Finally, the law requires that the boundary be fully and legally defined.

After much discussion and consultation, the existing Llano County Precinct 108 was the obvious answer. It includes the City of Sunrise Beach, Is familiar to the local VFD’s, and is already legally defined. That prevents the need for a new and costly survey. It also falls totally within the responsibility of one County Commissioner – currently Peter Jones who has been an advocate for the effort.

The boundary also includes large lakefront plats which could be costly to serve if developed. Including those insures that tax revenue would accrue automatically from any future development. That will go directly to fund any commensurate expansion of emergency services. Finally, it prevents any other potential ESD from governing in our general community.

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